Fighting for Freedom

Preserving the New Hampshire advantage by limiting government to its constitutional roles and safeguarding natural rights for individuals and families.

  • Individual and Family Rights

    Leah is committed to upholding the rights for all citizens as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States and New Hampshire. The government's purpose shall be limited to the preservation of those rights. Government shall not be a vehicle for micro-managing the lives of the citizenry. The rights of individuals to conduct their business, practice their religion, and defend themselves must be safeguarded. The rights of families to make decisions for their education, health, and religious beliefs must be preserved. Government shall not impede the rights of citizens to pursue liberty and maintain their livelihoods with tyrannous restrictions, cumbersome regulations, and burdensome taxation.

  • 2nd amendment

    Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is clear and succinct. It shall not be infringed. Leah believes the right to bear arms is part of the natural rights of all people to defend themselves and must be upheld and unadulterated.

  • Taxation

    Leah believes that government must be responsible, limited, and transparent in its collection and expense of taxpayer money. The state should have a balanced budget that meets the needs for infrastructure but does not rely on burdensome taxes for businesses and individuals. Leah will not support an income or sales tax for New Hampshire.

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