About Leah Cushman

Fighting for Freedom

Preserving the New Hampshire advantage by limiting government to its constitutional roles and safeguarding natural rights for individuals and families.

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Leah grew up in Reading, Massachusetts with her grandparents. As a child, Leah enjoyed spending every weekend from April thru November camping at her grandparent's seasonal campsite in southern New Hampshire. She spent her time fishing, catching frogs, swimming, and enjoying nature. She loved reading and enjoyed the subject of biology. Leah always had a passion for animals and dreamed of one day living on a farm.

Leah attended Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA for Nursing. She excelled in her nursing program, becoming Vice President of the Nursing Club and a Fellow of the MCC International Fellowship Program. She graduated in 2014 at the top of her class, a member of multiple honors and leadership societies, with numerous awards for academic excellence. Soon after graduating, Leah took her Nursing Board Exams and became a Registered Nurse. She began her nursing career at a skilled nursing facility and also volunteered for a hospice agency. On the side, Leah also operated her own dog-walking and pet-sitting business. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

In 2017, Leah, her husband, and their three children moved to beautiful Weare, NH, with the hopes of raising their family in a safe, rural community and doing a little homesteading. They found refuge there from the densely populated and highly regulated and taxed state of Massachusetts. Leah recognized almost immediately that the New Hampshire Advantage was under threat. Determined to not let New Hampshire turn into the state she had just left, Leah began actively participating in local and state politics. She ran for a seat as a Non-member on the Weare Board of Firewards on a platform of being an advocate for taxpayers, and was elected in March 2020. She spent hours sending emails and making phone calls to legislators, and days at the State House in Concord urging them to vote down bills that threatened individual liberty, family rights, and the second amendment. As the legislature continued to push authoritarian and big government bills through 2019 and 2020, Leah felt compelled to run for State Representative with the mission of reversing the trend.